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Graveyard Dust

Regular Info

Slot 1: UNKNOWN CALC 120 base 70 max 0 attrib Attack Speed
Can o` Whoop AssIncrease Attack Speed by 200%
Fwexar's RageIncrease Attack Speed by 100%
Ravaging Rage of the FiendsIncrease Attack Speed by 99%
Arag`s CelerityIncrease Attack Speed by 85%
Sha's FerocityIncrease Attack Speed by 84% (L59) to 85% (L60)
jt_speed1-70Increase Attack Speed by 70%
Wonderous RapidityIncrease Attack Speed by 70%
Savage SpiritIncrease Attack Speed by 64% (L44) to 70% (L50)
Omakin's AlacrityIncrease Attack Speed by 65% (L55) to 70% (L60)
Rich's Test spellIncrease Attack Speed by 70%
Rune of DeathIncrease Attack Speed by 70%
Speed of the ShissarIncrease Attack Speed by 66%
Speed of the BroodIncrease Attack Speed by 66%
Beta ShissarIncrease Attack Speed by 66%
Jonthan's InspirationIncrease Attack Speed by 61% (L58) to 66% (L63)
Augmentation of DeathIncrease Attack Speed by 65%
Aanya's QuickeningIncrease Attack Speed by 64%
Warsong of ZekIncrease Attack Speed by 60%
Swift like the WindIncrease Attack Speed by 60%
Bond of the WildIncrease Attack Speed by 60%
Yekan's QuickeningIncrease Attack Speed by 60%
Beta VoGIncrease Attack Speed by 58%
Visions of GrandeurIncrease Attack Speed by 58%
Augment DeathIncrease Attack Speed by 49% (L39) to 55% (L45)
Soul EmpathyIncrease Attack Speed by 11% (L1) to 55% (L45)
Potion of AssailingIncrease Attack Speed by 30% (L1) to 51% (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Jonthan's ProvocationIncrease Attack Speed by 48% (L45) to 50% (L47)
HasteIncrease Attack Speed by 2% (L1) to 50% (L49)
Talisman of AlacrityIncrease Attack Speed by 50%
CelerityIncrease Attack Speed by 47% (L39) to 50% (L44)
AugmentIncrease Attack Speed by 43% (L56) to 47% (L65)
Vilia`s Chorus of CelerityIncrease Attack Speed by 45%
Time DistortionIncrease Attack Speed by 45%
Seething FuryIncrease Attack Speed by 40%
Swift SpiritIncrease Attack Speed by 40%
Blessing of the GroveIncrease Attack Speed by 40%
Cog BoostIncrease Attack Speed by 40%
TimespinIncrease Attack Speed by 40%
AlacrityIncrease Attack Speed by 34% (L24) to 40% (L36)
FlurryIncrease Attack Speed by 11% (L1) to 40% (L30)
QuicknessIncrease Attack Speed by 28% (L16) to 30% (L20)
Intensify DeathIncrease Attack Speed by 22% (L24) to 30% (L40)
Verses of VictoryIncrease Attack Speed by 30%
AugmentationIncrease Attack Speed by 22% (L29) to 28% (L52)
Valor of MarrIncrease Attack Speed by 25%
McVaxius` Berserker CrescendoIncrease Attack Speed by 18% (L42) to 24% (L65)
McVaxius` Rousing RondoIncrease Attack Speed by 21% (L57) to 23% (L65)
Strengthen DeathIncrease Attack Speed by 20%
Blessing of the Vah ShirIncrease Attack Speed by 20%
Feral SpiritIncrease Attack Speed by 16% (L19) to 20% (L32)
Captain Nalots QuickeningIncrease Attack Speed by 20%
Vilia`s Verses of CelerityIncrease Attack Speed by 20%
Focus DeathIncrease Attack Speed by 12% (L12) to 15% (L25)
Anthem de ArmsIncrease Attack Speed by 10%
Cursed Visions IIDecrease Attack Speed by 10%
Drowning PanicDecrease Attack Speed by 15%
Mists of EnlightenmentDecrease Attack Speed by 20%
Sleep Walker's HazeDecrease Attack Speed by 20%
Cursed Visions IDecrease Attack Speed by 25%
Fist of WaterDecrease Attack Speed by 30%
Paralyzing NeurotoxinDecrease Attack Speed by 30%
Angstlich's AssonanceDecrease Attack Speed by 31% (L60) to 33% (L65)
Death StrikeDecrease Attack Speed by 40%
Requiem of TimeDecrease Attack Speed by 52% (L64) to 52% (L65)
Enveloping EntropyDecrease Attack Speed by 90%
Rage of SsraeshzaDecrease Attack Speed by 90%

Slot 2: Increase STR by 28 (L1) to 49 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Arag`s CelerityIncrease STR by 115
Sha's FerocityIncrease STR by 99 (L59) to 100 (L60)
Can o` Whoop AssIncrease STR by 75
Rune of DeathIncrease STR by 65
Omakin's AlacrityIncrease STR by 60
Soul EmpathyIncrease STR by 30 (L1) to 55 (L50)
Bond of the WildIncrease STR by 51 (L52) to 55 (L60)
Augmentation of DeathIncrease STR by 52 (L55) to 55 (L60)
Potion of AssailingIncrease STR by 15 (L1) to 47 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Savage SpiritIncrease STR by 42 (L44) to 45 (L50)
Yekan's QuickeningIncrease STR by 44 (L39) to 45 (L40)
Augment DeathIncrease STR by 39 (L39) to 45 (L50)
Warsong of ZekIncrease STR by 36 (L62) to 37 (L65)
Anthem de ArmsIncrease STR by 10 (L10) to 37 (L65)
Intensify DeathIncrease STR by 26 (L24) to 33 (L52)
Spirit QuickeningIncrease STR by 30
Fungus SporesIncrease STR by 25
McVaxius` Rousing RondoIncrease STR by 20 (L57) to 22 (L65)
McVaxius` Berserker CrescendoIncrease STR by 15 (L42) to 22 (L65)
Chant of BattleIncrease STR by 5 (L1) to 21 (L65)
Greenmist RecourseIncrease STR by 3 (L1) to 20 (L34)
Focus DeathIncrease STR by 15 (L12) to 20 (L32)
Burst of StrengthIncrease STR by 20
Feral SpiritIncrease STR by 16 (L19) to 20 (L32)
Jonthan's InspirationIncrease STR by 17 (L58) to 19 (L65)
DulsehoundIncrease STR by 18
Jonthan's ProvocationIncrease STR by 13 (L45) to 18 (L65)
CalimonyIncrease STR by 17
Fury of the ChosenIncrease STR by 15
Fleeting FuryIncrease STR by 15
Undead`s RecourseIncrease STR by 11
Troll`s EssenceIncrease STR by 10
Illusion: Earth ElementalIncrease STR by 10
Screaming MaceIncrease STR by 10
EyeLevitateIncrease STR by 5
Strengthen DeathIncrease STR by 5
Suffocating SphereDecrease STR by 5
Shallow BreathDecrease STR by 5
ChokingDecrease STR by 1 (L1) to 10 (L18)
ChokeDecrease STR by 7 (L12) to 10 (L18)
GreenmistDecrease STR by 3 (L1) to 20 (L34)
SuffocateDecrease STR by 15 (L29) to 20 (L38)
Heart FlutterDecrease STR by 15 (L16) to 20 (L26)
Test GSTRDDecrease STR by 30
EvenglowDecrease STR by 30
Gasping EmbraceDecrease STR by 29 (L49) to 30 (L50)
AsystoleDecrease STR by 37 (L44) to 40 (L50)
AsphyxiateDecrease STR by 39 (L59) to 42 (L65)
Cessation of CorDecrease STR by 50

Slot 3: Increase AGI by 28 (L1) to 49 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Potion of AssailingIncrease AGI by 15 (L1) to 47 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Aura of ColdIncrease AGI by 3 (L1) to 25 (L12)
Nillipus` March of the WeeIncrease AGI by 18
VigorIncrease AGI by 2 (L1) to 15 (L14)
AccuracyIncrease AGI by 2 (L1) to 15 (L14)
AdroitnessIncrease AGI by 2 (L1) to 15 (L14)
Shallow BreathDecrease AGI by 5
Suffocating SphereDecrease AGI by 5
ChokeDecrease AGI by 7 (L12) to 10 (L18)
ChokingDecrease AGI by 1 (L1) to 10 (L18)
Berserker StrengthDecrease AGI by 11 (L20) to 15 (L28)
Berserker SpiritDecrease AGI by 20
SuffocateDecrease AGI by 15 (L29) to 20 (L38)
RampageDecrease AGI by 20
BedlamDecrease AGI by 25
Gasping EmbraceDecrease AGI by 29 (L49) to 30 (L50)
AsphyxiateDecrease AGI by 39 (L59) to 42 (L65)

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