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Quivering Nightmares

Regular Info

Slot 1: Increase Spell/Bash Hate by 25%
Subtle InversionIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 75%
Furious Bash VIIIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 70%
Furious Bash VIIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 60%
Gallenite's Inverted MishapIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 50%
Furious Bash VIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 50%
Furious Bash IVIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 40%
Furious Bash IIIIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 30%
Furious Bash IIIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 20%
Furious Bash IIncrease Spell/Bash Hate by 10%
Innoruuk's SarcasmDecrease Spell/Bash Hate by 40%
Innoruuk's IronyDecrease Spell/Bash Hate by 80%

Slot 3: Decrease STR by 200
Gallenite's Bark of FuryIncrease STR by 10 to 100 (random)
Ancient: Burnout BlazeIncrease STR by 80
Burnout VIncrease STR by 80
Burnout IVIncrease STR by 60
Elemental EmpathyIncrease STR by 60
Burnout IIIIncrease STR by 50
Burnout IIIncrease STR by 39 (L29) to 45 (L40)
Yaulp IVIncrease STR by 40
Yaulp IIIIncrease STR by 30
Ab. of Strength RecourseIncrease STR by 25
Yaulp IIIncrease STR by 20
Vampyre RegenerationIncrease STR by 20
BurnoutIncrease STR by 15
YaulpIncrease STR by 10
Siphon Strength RecourseIncrease STR by 5 (L1) to 10 (L10)
Siphon StrengthDecrease STR by 5 (L1) to 10 (L10)
AttenuateDecrease STR by 10
DisempowerDecrease STR by 14 (L14) to 15 (L16)
Abduction of StrengthDecrease STR by 25
Listless PowerDecrease STR by 24 (L29) to 35 (L50)
IncapacitateDecrease STR by 49 (L44) to 55 (L50)
CrippleDecrease STR by 68 (L53) to 80 (L65)

Slot 4: Decrease AGI by 200
Smothering SandsDecrease AGI by 5
Scouring WindDecrease AGI by 10
Dyn`s Dizzying DraughtDecrease AGI by 30 (L29) to 50 (L49)
Largo`s Absonant BindingDecrease AGI by 45 (L51) to 52 (L65)

Slot 5: Decrease STA by 200
FerocityIncrease STA by 40
SavageryIncrease STA by 25
T. of Fatigue RecourseIncrease STA by 15
Torrent of FatigueDecrease STA by 15

Slot 6: Decrease INT by 200
Polymorphic MayhemDecrease INT by 40

Slot 7: Decrease WIS by 200

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