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Infusion of Spirit

Regular Info

Slot 4: Increase STR by 50
Beta 7thIncrease STR by 75
Focus of SoulIncrease STR by 75
Focus of the SeventhIncrease STR by 75
Focus of SpiritIncrease STR by 67
Harnessing of SpiritIncrease STR by 66 (L49) to 67 (L50)
Khura's FocusingIncrease STR by 67
Beta KhuraIncrease STR by 67
Verses of VictoryIncrease STR by 30
Steam OverloadIncrease STR by 30
VigorIncrease STR by 2 (L1) to 25 (L24)
StabilityIncrease STR by 2 (L1) to 25 (L24)
PowerIncrease STR by 2 (L1) to 25 (L24)
Aura of PurityIncrease STR by 3 (L1) to 25 (L12)
Weakening Poison IDecrease STR by 2 (L1) to 34 (L33)
Weakening Poison IIDecrease STR by 2 (L1) to 43 (L42)
Weakening Poison IIIDecrease STR by 2 (L1) to 54 (L53)
Brittle Haste IDecrease STR by 11 (L1) to 55 (L45)
Brittle Haste IIDecrease STR by 11 (L1) to 58 (L48)
Weakening Poison IVDecrease STR by 2 (L1) to 61 (L60)
Brittle Haste IIIDecrease STR by 11 (L1) to 69 (L59)
Brittle Haste IVDecrease STR by 11 (L1) to 75 (L65)
Touch of the MistressDecrease STR by 100

Slot 5: Increase DEX by 55
Beta 7thIncrease DEX by 70
Focus of SoulIncrease DEX by 70
Focus of the SeventhIncrease DEX by 70
Focus of SpiritIncrease DEX by 60
Khura's FocusingIncrease DEX by 60
Beta KhuraIncrease DEX by 60
Harnessing of SpiritIncrease DEX by 50

Slot 6: Increase STA by 45
Lawrence's UberityIncrease STA by 100
Degeneration RecourseIncrease STA by 30
DegenerationDecrease STA by 30

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