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Slot 3: Decrease ATK by 50
Ravaging Rage of the FiendsIncrease ATK by 500
Blind RageIncrease ATK by 250
Rabid BearIncrease ATK by 200
BetaATK160Increase ATK by 160
Ferine AvatarIncrease ATK by 140
BetaATK140Increase ATK by 140
Ancient: Feral AvatarIncrease ATK by 120
jt_testatk3-100Increase ATK by 100
Primal AvatarIncrease ATK by 100
AvatarIncrease ATK by 100
AvatarIncrease ATK by 100
Form of the HunterIncrease ATK by 62 (L60) to 67 (L65)
Share Form of the Great WolfIncrease ATK by 50 (L49) to 65 (L64)
Form of the Great WolfIncrease ATK by 45 (L44) to 51 (L50)
Aura of the BerserkerIncrease ATK by 50
Aura of the DefenderIncrease ATK by 50
Aura of ResolutionIncrease ATK by 50
Vengeance XIncrease ATK by 50
Vengeance IXIncrease ATK by 45
Night`s Dark TerrorIncrease ATK by 45
Greater Wolf FormIncrease ATK by 35 (L34) to 40 (L39)
Vengeance VIIIIncrease ATK by 40
Aura of ValorIncrease ATK by 40
Seething FuryIncrease ATK by 40
CarnageIncrease ATK by 40
Vengeance VIIIncrease ATK by 35
Wolf FormIncrease ATK by 25 (L24) to 30 (L29)
Vengeance VIIncrease ATK by 30
Share Wolf FormIncrease ATK by 30
Rage of TallonIncrease ATK by 30
Swift SpiritIncrease ATK by 30
Illusion: Scaled WolfIncrease ATK by 30
Aura of BraveryIncrease ATK by 30
Boon of the GarouIncrease ATK by 30
Vengeance VIncrease ATK by 25
Corporeal FuryIncrease ATK by 25
Spiritual FuryIncrease ATK by 25
Blood BathIncrease ATK by 25
Deranged WondermentIncrease ATK by 25
Vengeance IVIncrease ATK by 20
Blessing of Vah KerrathIncrease ATK by 20
Aura of DaringIncrease ATK by 20
Warsong of ZekIncrease ATK by 17 (L62) to 18 (L65)
Vengeance IIIIncrease ATK by 15
Yttric VentusIncrease ATK by 15
Force of NatureIncrease ATK by 15
McVaxius` Rousing RondoIncrease ATK by 13 (L57) to 15 (L65)
Aura of BattleIncrease ATK by 10
Aura of BattleIncrease ATK by 10
Vengeance IIIncrease ATK by 10
Aura of CourageIncrease ATK by 5
EnduranceIncrease ATK by 5
Vengeance IIncrease ATK by 5
Garzicor's VengeanceDecrease ATK by 20
Test GATDDecrease ATK by 30
Solar WindsDecrease ATK by 50
Solar FlameDecrease ATK by 50
Chill of UndeathDecrease ATK by 50
Unholy AuraDecrease ATK by 90
Infernal DarknessDecrease ATK by 100
Rot of the PlaguebringerDecrease ATK by 150
Hands of the DesertDecrease ATK by 150
Cloud of DisempowermentDecrease ATK by 200
Disjunction of FlameDecrease ATK by 200
Weakening SprayDecrease ATK by 300
Curse of the TriumvirateDecrease ATK by 500

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