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Slot 1: Decrease STR by 18 (L4) to 20 (L8)
Berserker Madness IVIncrease STR by 41 (L1) to 100 (L60)
Berserker Madness IIIIncrease STR by 26 (L1) to 80 (L55)
Maniacal StrengthIncrease STR by 68
Talisman of the RhinoIncrease STR by 68
StrengthIncrease STR by 66 (L49) to 67 (L50)
Frenzied StrengthIncrease STR by 51 (L34) to 61 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Nature's MightIncrease STR by 55
Berserker Madness IIIncrease STR by 6 (L1) to 55 (L50)
Reckless StrengthIncrease STR by 22 (L5) to 52 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
BedlamIncrease STR by 50
Berserker Madness IIncrease STR by 6 (L1) to 47 (L42)
RampageIncrease STR by 29 (L39) to 42 (L65)
Girdle of KaranaIncrease STR by 42
Berserker SpiritIncrease STR by 40
Storm StrengthIncrease STR by 32 (L44) to 35 (L50)
Storm StrengthIncrease STR by 10 (L1) to 35 (L50)
Tumultuous StrengthIncrease STR by 34
Furious StrengthIncrease STR by 31 (L39) to 34 (L44)
Raging StrengthIncrease STR by 23 (L29) to 26 (L34)
Strength of StoneIncrease STR by 22 (L34) to 25 (L40)
Strength of the KunzarIncrease STR by 5 (L1) to 25 (L40)
Ritualistic BloodlustIncrease STR by 10 (L1) to 25 (L30)
Berserker StrengthIncrease STR by 20 (L20) to 25 (L30)
Spirit StrengthIncrease STR by 16 (L19) to 18 (L22)
Strength of EarthIncrease STR by 9 (L9) to 15 (L20)
Impart StrengthIncrease STR by 10
Niv`s Melody of PreservationIncrease STR by 10
StrengthenIncrease STR by 5 (L1) to 10 (L6)
Talisman of the BeastIncrease STR by 10
Dread TouchDecrease STR by 5 (L1) to 10 (L10)
Impart Strength RecourseDecrease STR by 10
Wave of EnfeeblementDecrease STR by 11 (L12) to 15 (L20)
WeakenDecrease STR by 10 (L1) to 15 (L10)
Ebbing StrengthDecrease STR by 21 (L12) to 25 (L20)
Steal StrengthDecrease STR by 15 (L1) to 27 (L48)
Surge of EnfeeblementDecrease STR by 22 (L34) to 30 (L50)
Feckless MightDecrease STR by 26 (L20) to 30 (L28)
Insipid WeaknessDecrease STR by 35 (L34) to 51 (L50)
WeaknessDecrease STR by 59 (L44) to 65 (L50)
Resurrection EffectDecrease STR by 50 (L1) to 82 (L65) (effect decreases over time)
Resurrection EffectsDecrease STR by 100 (L1) to 121 (L65) (effect decreases over time)

Slot 2: Decrease AC by 3
Ravaging Rage of the FiendsIncrease AC by 450
ActingShieldIncrease AC by 225
Avatar ShieldIncrease AC by 225
ActingShieldIncrease AC by 225
Avatar ShieldIncrease AC by 225
Aquatic AuraIncrease AC by 202
Frenzied BurnoutIncrease AC by 90
BrackencoatIncrease AC by 49
Shield of MaelinIncrease AC by 38 (L64) to 39 (L65)
BladecoatIncrease AC by 37
Armor of the ZealotIncrease AC by 36
Shield of the ArcaneIncrease AC by 34 (L61) to 36 (L65)
Soul Empathy RecourseIncrease AC by 13 (L1) to 31 (L60)
Elemental Empathy R.Increase AC by 13 (L1) to 31 (L60)
ThorncoatIncrease AC by 31
Shield of the MagiIncrease AC by 29 (L54) to 31 (L60)
Aura of the CrusaderIncrease AC by 30
Blessed Armor of the RisenIncrease AC by 30
Ancient: High Priest's BulwarkIncrease AC by 30
Arch ShieldingIncrease AC by 25 (L44) to 27 (L48)
Protection of the Vah ShirIncrease AC by 10 (L1) to 27 (L55)
SpikecoatIncrease AC by 23 (L39) to 25 (L44)
Niv`s HarmonicIncrease AC by 24
Greater ShieldingIncrease AC by 21 (L34) to 22 (L39)
Armor of the FaithfulIncrease AC by 22
Ancient: Burnout BlazeIncrease AC by 22
BramblecoatIncrease AC by 17 (L29) to 18 (L34)
Major ShieldingIncrease AC by 16 (L24) to 18 (L28)
Berserker Madness IVIncrease AC by 0 (L1) to 18 (L59)
Berserker Madness IIIIncrease AC by 0 (L1) to 16 (L54)
Tempest Wing's EmbraceIncrease AC by 15
Armor of ProtectionIncrease AC by 15
ShieldingIncrease AC by 12 (L16) to 13 (L21)
BarbcoatIncrease AC by 11 (L19) to 12 (L24)
Gallenite's Bark of FuryIncrease AC by 6 to 12 (random)
Seething FuryIncrease AC by 9
Lesser ShieldingIncrease AC by 6 (L8) to 9 (L18)
Berserker Madness IIIncrease AC by 0 (L1) to 7 (L48)
Berserker Madness IIncrease AC by 0 (L1) to 6 (L40)
ThistlecoatIncrease AC by 4 (L9) to 6 (L14)
Blood BathIncrease AC by 4
Minor ShieldingIncrease AC by 3 (L1) to 4 (L5)
Dyn`s Dizzying DraughtDecrease AC by 9 (L29) to 15 (L49)
Denon`s Disruptive DiscordDecrease AC by 5 (L18) to 19 (L65)
Vallon's PrecisionDecrease AC by 60
FrenzyNovaDecrease AC by 60
Barb of TallonDecrease AC by 150
Grip of Mortal RealityDecrease AC by 180
Disjunction of FlameDecrease AC by 450

Other spells that Block or Overwrite this one
Focus of SpiritStacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'STR' and < 1067
Harnessing of SpiritStacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'STR' and < 1067
Khura's FocusingStacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'STR' and < 1067
Beta KhuraStacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'STR' and < 1067
Focus of SoulStacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'STR' and < 1075
Focus of the SeventhStacking: Block new spell if slot 1 is effect 'STR' and < 1075

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