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Sermon of Ssraeshza

Regular Info

Slot 3: Stun for 10.0 seconds
Ring of WinterStun for 2.5 seconds
Black Symbol of PainStun for 2.0 seconds
Ignite BonesStun for 0.0 seconds
Denon`s BereavementStun for 0.0 seconds
Polymorphic MayhemStun for 0.0 seconds

Slot 4: Decrease AC by 150
ProtectionIncrease AC by 150
StonetouchIncrease AC by 105
Acting Armor IIIIncrease AC by 90
Hand of VirtueIncrease AC by 72
VirtueIncrease AC by 72
Beta VirtueIncrease AC by 72
Ancient: Gift of AegolismIncrease AC by 69
Blessing of AegolismIncrease AC by 60
Acting Armor IIIncrease AC by 60
Lawrence's UberityIncrease AC by 60
NPCAegolismIncrease AC by 54
Beta Blessing of AegolismIncrease AC by 54
AegolismIncrease AC by 54
Ward of GallantryIncrease AC by 54
TemperanceIncrease AC by 48
Bulwark of FaithIncrease AC by 37
Ancestral GuardIncrease AC by 36
AegisIncrease AC by 34
Shield of WordsIncrease AC by 31
Acting Armor IIncrease AC by 30
Shroud of the SpiritsIncrease AC by 26 (L54) to 30 (L65)
RekeklicationIncrease AC by 30
Armor of FaithIncrease AC by 24 (L39) to 25 (L44)
GuardianIncrease AC by 23 (L44) to 24 (L45)
Phantasmal ArmorIncrease AC by 21 (L54) to 22 (L60)
UmbraIncrease AC by 22
Phantom ArmorIncrease AC by 21 (L52) to 22 (L60)
ShadowIncrease AC by 19
GuardIncrease AC by 18 (L29) to 19 (L34)
Phantom PlateIncrease AC by 17 (L44) to 18 (L48)
Shifting ShieldIncrease AC by 17 (L34) to 18 (L35)
ShadeIncrease AC by 15 (L39) to 16 (L44)
Phantom ChainIncrease AC by 12 (L29) to 13 (L34)
ObscureIncrease AC by 12 (L29) to 13 (L34)
ProtectIncrease AC by 12 (L24) to 13 (L28)
Spirit ArmorIncrease AC by 11 (L16) to 13 (L24)
Rage of TallonIncrease AC by 12
Turtle SkinIncrease AC by 9 (L14) to 10 (L18)
CloudIncrease AC by 9 (L20) to 10 (L25)
Composition of ErvajIncrease AC by 9 (L60) to 9 (L65)
Phantom LeatherIncrease AC by 8 (L16) to 9 (L20)
Psalm of VeeshanIncrease AC by 7 (L63) to 7 (L65)
MistIncrease AC by 6 (L12) to 7 (L16)
Deranged WondermentIncrease AC by 7
Melody of ErvajIncrease AC by 5 (L50) to 6 (L65)
Psalm of PurityIncrease AC by 4 (L37) to 6 (L65)
Psalm of VitalityIncrease AC by 3 (L29) to 6 (L65)
Psalm of Mystic ShieldingIncrease AC by 4 (L41) to 6 (L65)
Psalm of CoolingIncrease AC by 3 (L33) to 6 (L65)
Psalm of WarmthIncrease AC by 3 (L25) to 6 (L65)
Purifying RhythmsIncrease AC by 2 (L13) to 6 (L65)
Elemental RhythmsIncrease AC by 2 (L9) to 6 (L65)
Holy ArmorIncrease AC by 6
Scale SkinIncrease AC by 4 (L5) to 6 (L9)
HazeIncrease AC by 3 (L4) to 4 (L8)
Elemental ChorusIncrease AC by 1
Purifying ChorusIncrease AC by 1
DisempowerDecrease AC by 6 (L14) to 9 (L28)
Listless PowerDecrease AC by 11 (L29) to 18 (L50)
IncapacitateDecrease AC by 22 (L44) to 24 (L50)
Dismal Rage of the ShrineDecrease AC by 30
CrippleDecrease AC by 30 (L53) to 34 (L65)
Touch of ZebuxorukDecrease AC by 60
Weakening SprayDecrease AC by 120
Death StrikeDecrease AC by 150
Rage of SsraeshzaDecrease AC by 300

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