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Spirit of Vermin

Regular Info

Slot 1: Add Proc: SpVerminEffect
Vampiric EmbraceAdd Proc: VampEmbraceNecro
Divine MightAdd Proc: Divine Might Effect
Draconic RageAdd Proc: DraconicRageEffect
BarkerTestAdd Proc: BarkerTest
Shroud of UndeathAdd Proc: Vengeance of Root
Shroud of DeathAdd Proc: Vengeance of Root
Call of SkyAdd Proc: CallOfSkyEffect
Call of FireAdd Proc: CallOfFireEffect
Lesser Strike PoisonAdd Proc: Sting of the Shissar
Strike PoisonAdd Proc: Bite of the Shissar
Lesser Destroy PoisonAdd Proc: Mental Burn
Destroy Mind PoisonAdd Proc: Mental Implosion
Lesser Vein Rot PoisonAdd Proc: Withering Flesh
Vein Rot PoisonAdd Proc: Wasted Flesh
Lesser Corruption PoisonAdd Proc: Minor Irritation
Corruption PoisonAdd Proc: Oozing Irritation
Lesser Molten Silver PoisonAdd Proc: Zombie Bane
Molten Silver PoisonAdd Proc: Mayong's Bane
Lesser Dip Resist PoisonAdd Proc: Itching Madness
Dip Resist PoisonAdd Proc: Scratching Madness
Lesser Confine PoisonAdd Proc: Spine Bruiser
Confine PoisonAdd Proc: Spine Rend
Lesser Sluggish PoisonAdd Proc: Anger of Incapacitation
Sluggish PoisonAdd Proc: Rage of Incapacitation
Lesser Concussion PoisonAdd Proc: Bixie Sting
Concussion PoisonAdd Proc: Scoriae Bite
Lesser Waste PoisonAdd Proc: Crushed Vein
Waste PoisonAdd Proc: Mangled Tendon
Lesser Remiss PoisonAdd Proc: Confusing Whisper
Remiss PoisonAdd Proc: Dreams of Drusella
Trickster's AugmentationAdd Proc: Trickster's Torment
Scream of DeathAdd Proc: MentalCorruptionEffect
Mental CorruptionAdd Proc: Mystical Transvergance
Instrument of NifeAdd Proc: Condemnation of Nife
Jolting BladesAdd Proc: JoltingBladesEffect
Katta's Song of Sword DancingAdd Proc: Blade Dance
Spirit of LightningAdd Proc: SpLightningEffect
Spirit of the BlizzardAdd Proc: SpBlizzardEffect
Spirit of InfernoAdd Proc: SpInfernoEffect
Spirit of the ScorpionAdd Proc: SpScorpionEffect
Spirit of WindAdd Proc: SpWindEffect
Spirit of the StormAdd Proc: SpStormtEffect
Rabid BearAdd Proc: Tainted Bite
Spirit of FlameAdd Proc: SpFlameEffect
Spirit of SnowAdd Proc: SpSnowEffect
Cry of FireAdd Proc: CryOfFireEffect
Shroud of ChaosAdd Proc: Shroud of Chaos
Hobble of SpiritsAdd Proc: Hobble of Spirits Eff
Nature's RebukeAdd Proc: NaturesRebukeEffect
Cry of ThunderAdd Proc: CryOfThunderEffect
Ward of NifeAdd Proc: WardOfNifeEffect
Pious MightAdd Proc: PiousMightEffect
Spirit of RellicAdd Proc: SpRellicEffect
Eclipse AuraAdd Proc: EclipseAuraEffect
Anemone FeedbackAdd Proc: Anemone Feedback
Nematocyst PoisonAdd Proc: Nematocyst
Paralyzing NeurotoxinAdd Proc: Paralyzing Neurotoxin
Pestilence ShockAdd Proc: PestilenceShockEffect
Soul ClawAdd Proc: SoulClawEffect

Slot 2: Increase DEX by 75
Spirit of LightningIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of the BlizzardIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of InfernoIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of the ScorpionIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of WindIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of the StormIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of FlameIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of SnowIncrease DEX by 75
Hobble of SpiritsIncrease DEX by 75
Spirit of RellicIncrease DEX by 75

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