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Molten Silver Poison

Regular Info

Slot 1: Add Proc: Mayong's Bane
Vampiric EmbraceAdd Proc: VampEmbraceNecro
Divine MightAdd Proc: Divine Might Effect
Draconic RageAdd Proc: DraconicRageEffect
BarkerTestAdd Proc: BarkerTest
Shroud of UndeathAdd Proc: Vengeance of Root
Shroud of DeathAdd Proc: Vengeance of Root
Call of SkyAdd Proc: CallOfSkyEffect
Call of FireAdd Proc: CallOfFireEffect
Lesser Strike PoisonAdd Proc: Sting of the Shissar
Strike PoisonAdd Proc: Bite of the Shissar
Lesser Destroy PoisonAdd Proc: Mental Burn
Destroy Mind PoisonAdd Proc: Mental Implosion
Lesser Vein Rot PoisonAdd Proc: Withering Flesh
Vein Rot PoisonAdd Proc: Wasted Flesh
Lesser Corruption PoisonAdd Proc: Minor Irritation
Corruption PoisonAdd Proc: Oozing Irritation
Lesser Molten Silver PoisonAdd Proc: Zombie Bane
Lesser Dip Resist PoisonAdd Proc: Itching Madness
Dip Resist PoisonAdd Proc: Scratching Madness
Lesser Confine PoisonAdd Proc: Spine Bruiser
Confine PoisonAdd Proc: Spine Rend
Lesser Sluggish PoisonAdd Proc: Anger of Incapacitation
Sluggish PoisonAdd Proc: Rage of Incapacitation
Lesser Concussion PoisonAdd Proc: Bixie Sting
Concussion PoisonAdd Proc: Scoriae Bite
Lesser Waste PoisonAdd Proc: Crushed Vein
Waste PoisonAdd Proc: Mangled Tendon
Lesser Remiss PoisonAdd Proc: Confusing Whisper
Remiss PoisonAdd Proc: Dreams of Drusella
Trickster's AugmentationAdd Proc: Trickster's Torment
Scream of DeathAdd Proc: MentalCorruptionEffect
Mental CorruptionAdd Proc: Mystical Transvergance
Instrument of NifeAdd Proc: Condemnation of Nife
Jolting BladesAdd Proc: JoltingBladesEffect
Katta's Song of Sword DancingAdd Proc: Blade Dance
Spirit of LightningAdd Proc: SpLightningEffect
Spirit of the BlizzardAdd Proc: SpBlizzardEffect
Spirit of InfernoAdd Proc: SpInfernoEffect
Spirit of the ScorpionAdd Proc: SpScorpionEffect
Spirit of VerminAdd Proc: SpVerminEffect
Spirit of WindAdd Proc: SpWindEffect
Spirit of the StormAdd Proc: SpStormtEffect
Rabid BearAdd Proc: Tainted Bite
Spirit of FlameAdd Proc: SpFlameEffect
Spirit of SnowAdd Proc: SpSnowEffect
Cry of FireAdd Proc: CryOfFireEffect
Shroud of ChaosAdd Proc: Shroud of Chaos
Hobble of SpiritsAdd Proc: Hobble of Spirits Eff
Nature's RebukeAdd Proc: NaturesRebukeEffect
Cry of ThunderAdd Proc: CryOfThunderEffect
Ward of NifeAdd Proc: WardOfNifeEffect
Pious MightAdd Proc: PiousMightEffect
Spirit of RellicAdd Proc: SpRellicEffect
Eclipse AuraAdd Proc: EclipseAuraEffect
Anemone FeedbackAdd Proc: Anemone Feedback
Nematocyst PoisonAdd Proc: Nematocyst
Paralyzing NeurotoxinAdd Proc: Paralyzing Neurotoxin
Pestilence ShockAdd Proc: PestilenceShockEffect
Soul ClawAdd Proc: SoulClawEffect

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