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Level 1
Burst of Flame
Minor Shielding
Reclaim Energy
Summon Dagger
Summon Drink
Summon Food
True North
Level 4
Elementalkin: Air
Elementalkin: Earth
Elementalkin: Fire
Elementalkin: Water
Fire Flux
Sense Summoned
Summon Bandages
Summon Brass Choker
Summon Holy Ale of Brell
Summon Wisp
Level 8
Dimensional Pocket
Elementaling: Air
Elementaling: Earth
Elementaling: Fire
Elementaling: Water
Eye of Zomm
Flame Bolt
Lesser Shielding
Renew Elements
Shield of Fire
Shock of Blades
Staff of Tracing
Summon Linen Mantle
Level 12
Bind Affinity
Cancel Magic
Column of Fire
Elemental: Air
Elemental: Earth
Elemental: Fire
Elemental: Water
Rain of Blades
Summon Elemental Defender
Summon Fang
Summon Tarnished Bauble
Ward Summoned
Level 16
Minor Summoning: Air
Minor Summoning: Earth
Minor Summoning: Fire
Minor Summoning: Water
Phantom Leather
See Invisible
Shock of Flame
Staff of Warding
Summon Heatstone
Summon Throwing Dagger
Summon Tiny Ring
Level 19
Tiny Companion
Level 20
Bolt of Flame
Elemental Shield
Expulse Summoned
Lesser Summoning: Air
Lesser Summoning: Earth
Lesser Summoning: Fire
Lesser Summoning: Water
Rain of Fire
Renew Summoning
Shield of Flame
Spear of Warding
Summon Arrows
Summon Jade Bracelet
Summon Phantom Leather
Summon Waterstone
Level 24
Flame Flux
Major Shielding
Shock of Spikes
Staff of Runes
Summon Silver Choker
Summoning: Air
Summoning: Earth
Summoning: Fire
Summoning: Water
Level 29
Burnout II
Dismiss Summoned
Greater Summoning: Air
Greater Summoning: Earth
Greater Summoning: Fire
Greater Summoning: Water
Inferno Shield
Phantom Chain
Rain of Spikes
Summon Coldstone
Summon Leather Mantle
Summon Phantom Chain
Sword of Runes
Level 34
Cinder Bolt
Dimensional Hole
Greater Shielding
Minor Conjuration: Air
Minor Conjuration: Earth
Minor Conjuration: Fire
Minor Conjuration: Water
Monster Summoning I
Nullify Magic
Staff of Symbols
Summon Shard of the Core
Summon Shiny Bauble
Level 39
Barrier of Combustion
Dagger of Symbols
Expel Summoned
Flame Arc
Lesser Conjuration: Air
Lesser Conjuration: Earth
Lesser Conjuration: Fire
Lesser Conjuration: Water
Rain of Lava
Summon Companion
Summon Phantom Plate
Summon Ring of Flight
Summon Twisted Ring
Level 44
Arch Shielding
Conjuration: Air
Conjuration: Earth
Conjuration: Fire
Conjuration: Water
Elemental Armor
Elemental Maelstrom
Modulating Rod
Phantom Plate
Refresh Summoning
Shock of Swords
Summon Opal Bracelet
Level 46
Summon Orb
Level 49
Banish Summoned
Burnout III
Greater Conjuration: Air
Greater Conjuration: Earth
Greater Conjuration: Fire
Greater Conjuration: Water
Lava Bolt
Rain of Swords
Shield of Lava
Summon Elemental Blanket
Level 50
Monster Summoning II
Summon Golden Choker
Level 51
Gift of Xev
Summon Silken Mantle
Vocarate: Earth
Level 52
Bristlebane's Bundle
Phantom Armor
Summon Brilliant Bauble
Transon's Elemental Infusion
Vocarate: Fire
Level 53
Annul Magic
Boon of Immolation
Quiver of Marr
Summon Studded Ring
Vocarate: Air
Level 54
Bandoleer of Luclin
Elemental Cloak
Phantasmal Armor
Scars of Sigil
Shield of the Magi
Summon Ruby Bracelet
Veil of Elements
Vocarate: Water
Level 55
Burnout IV
Call of the Hero
Pouch of Quellious
Rage of Zomm
Wrath of the Elements
Level 56
Cadeau of Flame
Dyzil's Deafening Decoy
Exile Summoned
Mass Mystical Transvergance
Muzzle of Mardu
Rod of Mystical Transvergance
Level 57
Eye of Tallon
Greater Vocaration: Earth
Shock of Steel
Level 58
Greater Vocaration: Fire
Transons Phantasmal Protection
Level 59
Greater Vocaration: Air
Seeking Flame of Seukor
Valiant Companion
Level 60
Aegis of Ro
Ancient: Burnout Blaze
Ancient: Shock of Sun
Greater Vocaration: Water
Maelstrom of Electricity
Monster Summoning III
Shock of Fiery Blades
Transon's Elemental Renewal
Level 61
Belt of Magi'Kot
Blade of Walnan
Elemental Barrier
Firebolt of Tallon
Flameshield of Ro
Shield of the Arcane
Summon Glowing Bauble
Summon Platinum Choker
Summon Runed Mantle
Summon Sapphire Bracelet
Summon Spiked Ring
Ward of Xegony
Level 62
Burnout V
Fist of Ixiblat
Imbue Earth
Servant of Marr
Sun Storm
Talisman of Return
Xegony's Phantasmal Guard
Level 63
Black Steel
Blade of The Kedge
Child of Ro
Elemental Silence
Maelstrom of Ro
Summon Jewelry Bag
Level 64
Destroy Summoned
Girdle of Magi'Kot
Imbue Air
Maelstrom of Thunder
Planar Renewal
Shield of Maelin
Level 65
Call of the Arch Mage
Imbue Fire
Imbue Water
Rathe's Son
Sun Vortex

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