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Level 1
Chant of Battle
Level 2
Chords of Dissonance
Level 3
Jaxan`s Jig o` Vigor
Level 4
Lyssa`s Locating Lyric
Level 5
Selo`s Accelerando
Level 6
Hymn of Restoration
Level 7
Jonthan's Whistling Warsong
Level 8
Kelin`s Lugubrious Lament
Level 9
Elemental Rhythms
Magical Monologue
Level 10
Anthem de Arms
Level 11
Cinda`s Charismatic Carillon
Level 12
Brusco`s Boastful Bellow
Level 13
Purifying Rhythms
Level 14
Lyssa`s Cataloging Libretto
Level 15
Kelin`s Lucid Lullaby
Song of Sustenance
Level 16
Tarew`s Aquatic Ayre
Level 17
Guardian Rhythms
Level 18
Denon`s Disruptive Discord
Level 19
Shauri`s Sonorous Clouding
Level 20
Cassindra`s Chant of Clarity
Largo`s Melodic Binding
Level 21
Melanie`s Mellifluous Motion
Level 22
Alenia`s Disenchanting Melody
Level 23
Selo`s Consonant Chain
Level 24
Lyssa`s Veracious Concord
Level 25
Psalm of Warmth
Level 26
Angstlich`s Appalling Screech
Level 27
Solon's Song of the Sirens
Level 28
Crission`s Pixie Strike
Level 29
Psalm of Vitality
Level 30
Fufil`s Curtailing Chant
Level 31
Agilmente`s Aria of Eagles
Level 32
Cassindra`s Chorus of Clarity
Level 33
Psalm of Cooling
Level 34
Cantata of Soothing
Lyssa`s Solidarity of Vision
Level 35
Denon`s Dissension
Level 36
Vilia`s Verses of Celerity
Level 37
Psalm of Purity
Level 38
Tuyen`s Chant of Flame
Level 39
Katta's Song of Sword Dancing
Solon's Bewitching Bravura
Level 40
Sionachie`s Dreams
Syvelian`s Anti-Magic Aria
Level 41
Psalm of Mystic Shielding
Level 42
McVaxius` Berserker Crescendo
Tuyen`s Chant of Disease
Level 43
Denon`s Desperate Dirge
Level 44
Cassindra`s Elegy
Level 45
Jonthan's Provocation
Level 46
Tuyen`s Chant of Frost
Level 47
Niv`s Melody of Preservation
Level 48
Selo`s Chords of Cessation
Level 49
Selo`s Accelerating Chorus
Shield of Songs
Level 50
Melody of Ervaj
Tuyen`s Chant of Poison
Verses of Victory
Level 51
Largo`s Absonant Binding
Selo`s Song of Travel
Level 52
Battlecry of the Vah Shir
Nillipus` March of the Wee
Level 53
Song of Dawn
Song of Twilight
Level 54
Elemental Chorus
Selo`s Assonant Strane
Vilia`s Chorus of Celerity
Level 55
Brusco`s Bombastic Bellow
Cantata of Replenishment
Occlusion of Sound
Level 56
Purifying Chorus
Song of Highsun
Song of Midnight
Level 57
Cassindra's Insipid Ditty
McVaxius` Rousing Rondo
Level 58
Chorus of Replenishment
Dreams of Ayonae
Jonthan's Inspiration
Niv`s Harmonic
Level 59
Denon`s Bereavement
Solon's Charismatic Concord
Level 60
Ancient: Lcea's Lament
Ancient: Lullaby of Shadow
Angstlich's Assonance
Composition of Ervaj
Ervaj's Lost Composition
Kazumi's Note of Preservation
Warsong of the Vah Shir
Level 61
Saryrn's Scream of Pain
Silent Song of Quellious
Tuyen`s Chant of the Plague
Level 62
Dreams of Thule
Druzzil's Disillusionment
Melody of Mischief
Warsong of Zek
Wind of Marr
Level 63
Psalm of Veeshan
Tuyen`s Chant of Ice
Tuyen`s Chant of Venom
Level 64
Call of the Banshee
Chorus of Marr
Dreams of Terris
Requiem of Time
Rizlona's Call of Flame
Level 65
Harmony of Sound
Lullaby of Morell
Tuyen`s Chant of Fire

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